Sports Prep or Recovery

Are you taking part in a sporting event?
Why its advisable to have a Pre or Post – event full body aqua- massage
* Prepares for high intensity activity.
* Loosens muscles without reducing performance.
This can help performers psychologically, boosting confidence as they may believe they have an edge-up on the competition since they have had pre-event massage and no one else has 😉
* Performed 30mins – 2 hours before event. However, the massage can be performed up to 24 hours prior.

* Improves circulation – therefore reducing the impact of lactic acid on the muscles.
* Reduce muscle tension.
Psychologically, by having a post-event massage, performers are likely to feel more energised mentally. This decreases the effects fatigue has on their body as they perceive themselves to be having more energy.
* Performed 30 mins- 24 hours after activity.

Pre & post event massage £15. Call InvigR8 boutique micro spa on 01473 807209