Vibration Plates

Vibraplates – toning and inch loss in a calm and relaxed environment

*. Easy inch loss without sweat*. Based on Whole Body Vibration (WBV) technology
*. Stimulates blood vessels and muscles to contract & relax at a greater strength & speed
*. Increases muscle strength & endurance
*. Enhances joint flexibility & speeds up recovery of damaged muscles & tendons
*. Improves balance, flexibility & circulation (blood & lymph)
*. Increases muscle strength
*. Increases oxygen supply to blood cells, enhancing muscle endurance
*. Strengthens collagen (protein fibres that form connective tissue, bone & cartilage)
*. Stimulate the release of growth hormone, helps fight cellulite
*. Maintain skin elasticity by enhancing connective tissue & circulation system
*. Massages & stretches abdominal muscle
*. Stimulates intestinal movement & improve intestinal organs
*. Reduces evib3xcessive fat by using more fat during exercise
*. Promotes secretion of Serotonin (the hormone that promotes the feel good factor), Neurotrophine
 (hormone that stimulates brain activity)
*. Helps diabetics to improve circulation
*. Stimulates core muscle groups, including strengthening back muscles
*. Relieves back and groin pain  
Whole body muscle movement requires more energy therefore more fat will be converted into energy.
Exercise involving vibration in vertical direction increases calorie consumption more effectively than conventional aerobic exercise.